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Move your patents to the positive side of the balance sheet.

Patent Monetization Solutions

Prognosis IP was formed by a group of experienced, successful patent litigators to provide patent owners with strategic monetization solutions that transform passive patent assets into active revenue. Through its wholly-owned portfolio companies, Prognosis IP has successfully monetized dozens of patents that cover important contributions to a wide range of technologies. In the process of successfully litigating its patents against nearly 1,000 companies, and generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue, Prognosis IP has solidified its position as one of the most successful patent monetization firms in the country.


In addition to monetizing patents through litigation and licensing, Prognosis IP provides specialized acquisition solutions to large operating companies. For mission-critical needs that law firms, patent brokers, and other monetization firms cannot effectively or efficiently fulfill, companies turn to their trusted partner, Prognosis IP.

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