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At Prognosis IP, we operate under a true "team" mentality. The only person with an official "title" is our President, Brian Yates, who functions more like the head coach. We reject notions of hierarchy and tenure, and reward excellence based on a system of meritocracy.  And, although individual achievement is rewarded, the entire team shares in the company's successes.


Our company culture and proven track record of success have allowed us to build an amazingly talented team of professionals. For each project and business venture, we benefit from the experience and expertise of individuals who were formerly patent litigators with top law firms, licensing executives with global companies, and scientists from leading universities.  


Regardless of the type of technology, our team can identify and acquire  valuable patents, and successfully monetize those patents through litigation and licensing.

Brian Yates, President


Brian Yates has served as the President of Prognosis IP since its formation.  He manages the company’s operations and works closely with his team to define and achieve strategic objectives.

Prior to Prognosis IP, Mr. Yates spent the first decade of his legal career representing technology companies as a patent prosecutor and a patent litigator.  During this period, he gained a deep understanding of the importance of patents, as an asset class, to companies and the greater economy.  Companies increasingly relied on Mr. Yates for business guidance relating to the acquisition and monetization of patents, which revealed an opportunity to more efficiently help patent owners derive economic value from their patent assets.  To fully pursue this opportunity, Mr. Yates decided to leave the “practice of patent law” to pursue the “business of patent law.”

In addition to building a global team of legal, business, and technology experts, Mr. Yates has developed a proprietary methodology for identifying high-value acquisition opportunities.  This combination of resources enables Prognosis IP to efficiently acquire extremely valuable patents, and to consistently generate significant revenue for itself and its partners.

Mr. Yates earned a degree in Chemistry from Whittier College, and obtained his law degree from Loyola Law School, where he graduated with honors and received numerous awards, including American Jurisprudence awards for receiving the highest grades in Constitutional Law, Advanced Legal Writing, Appellate Advocacy, and Trial Advocacy.

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